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Frequently Asked Questions:
Below is a listing of questions often asked by those looking for web hosting services. Be sure to address additional questions to info@bkrweb.com

Can I pay with credit card or do I need to issue a check?
At this point, payment must be by check. We hope to offer credit card sales in the future.
What does it cost to transfer a domain name (with you, with InterNIC)?
There is no fee for transfering your domain to bkrWeb Services from any other host.
Do you charge additional fees for using the mySQL database?
No. It is included in the package.
Is there any additional charge for data transferred per month, or hits?
No--hits are unlimited!
What is a virtual domain?
A Virtual Domain means having your own domain (http://www.your-name.com) without having to install expensive server hardware and software. With a Virtual Domain, you utilize our server's storage space, however, you are still professionally represented via your own personal Internet web address domain name (www.yourname.com) and by your own personal e-mail address domain name (you@yourname.com).
What steps do I need to take to set-up a virtual domain at bkrWeb Services?
Simply sign up with us by filling out a our online order form. We will then assist you in transferring an existing domain or registering for a new domain to be placed on our servers.
Do you offer dial-up Internet access?
No, you will need local Internet access in order to maintain your website and retreive e-mail addressed to your site.
Does bkrWeb Services support MacIntosh systems?
Sure. You can use the Fetch program to transfer files from your MAC to our system. You can also use Telnet and the POP e-mailprograms like Eudora, Claris E-mail and Netscape Mail.
Whom can I contact by phone or e-mail if further questions come up?
The easiest is to respond to our address: info@bkrweb.com or you can call toll free at 1-877-537-9188
Are your servers connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? If not, when and why are they disconnected?
Yes. They are always connected and always monitored.
What web server do your servers run? (Apache, Netscape, or...?)
What are your server types: NT? UNIX? Both? Other?
We use UNIX.
What do Autoresponders do and are they included? How many?
An autoresponder is similiar to an alias, but it also will send an automatic reply back to the sender. You can have an unlimited number of autoresponders for no additional cost.
What programs can be used to access e-mail (pine, elm, Netscape mail, etc.)?
All POP clients can be used-- any program which downloads the files from our server onto your computer. You can use mail user agents which run on our servers (such as pine), with a special configuration. You cannot use IMAP programs.
Can I access my domain address with or without the "www"?
Yes, you will be able to access the domain address with or without the "www" in front of the domain name.
What is an email alias and is it unlimited?
An e-mail alias means if you send mail to webmaster@yourdomain.com, that address is aliased to whomever needs to receive it. It can be one person or multiple people, however you need it structured. It is unlimited--get as many as you need for no extra charge!
Do you have a database system? Cold Fusion? mSQL? Other?
We use mySQL.
Do you have FTP and FTP Anonymous access?
Yes, we provide both FTP and FTP Anonymous access with all accounts.
Do you have a limit on the FTP transfer?
No. There is no limit. You can update your pages an unlimited amount of times, at any time you wish.
Do you use Netscape's SSL technology?
We use Apache-SSL which is several times more secure than Netscape SSL.
Can I run two cron tasks to update pages daily?
Are your virtual servers able to work with old and text-mode browsers such as Lynx, or will users with those browsers not find our index.html when putting in only www.ourdomain.com (in other words, are they truely virtual)?
They are truly virtual--you get your very own IP address on the web server. They will work with Lynx.
How many client sites are put on each web server? Do you move sites to different servers if a given server has a high load? Is this monitored?
We do move clients according to demand. We keep the peak CPU load below 50% on all machines.
Does each virtual server have its own log files? We already have our own custom web stats apps, so what we really need is the raw log files and not just summaries.
Yes. You have your own log files.
Do you provide a CGI-BIN personal directory?
Yes, a CGI-BIN is provided.
What is CGI access?
CGI scripts (Common Gateway InterFace) are used to provide things like counters, form responses, guest books, and many other things. Net Quest gives you full CGI access for no exra charge! You can write your own scripts, install someone else's, or use one of our preinstalled CGI scripts.
Which languages are supported in CGI (eg. Bourne shell, Perl, Java)?
Bourne, Shell, Perl, and Java are all supported and available.
Do you charge additional fees for hosting a secure web site?
No. It is a free standard feature.
Do you offer backward compatability browser detection?
Can I set up forms for secure transmission?
Yes. There is no extra charge.
Can we set up password protected areas with htaccess?
Yes you can.
May I promote my web site with bulk email?
Spamming is in violation of our service agreement. There are legal and ethical issues involved in mass mailing of unsolicited email. Any user of our services who has sent a large number of unsolicited email will have their account closed within 24 hours. A pro-rata share of their current contract will be refunded.

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